Mary Ellen Sanders, Ph.D.


Dairy & Food Culture Technologies

Consulting in the science of probiotics

Highlighted Activities

Video: "Germs with a Positive Attitude," developed by Council for Agricultural Science and Technology.

Video Documentary:  "Microwarriors: The Power of Probiotics"

Podcast: "Science & The City" podcast about probiotics. Free podcast ("More Than a Yogurt Cup") available at New York Academy of Sciences website and on iTunes (search "Science & The City")

Free reprint: “How do we know when something called “probiotic” is really a probiotic? A guideline for consumers and healthcare professionals,” published in Functional Food Rev. Download free.

Free reprint: “Guide to designing, conducting, publishing and communicating results of clinical studies involving probiotic applications in human participants” published in Gut Microbes. Download free.

Free reprint: “Assessment of probiotic safety for human use” published in Gut Microbes. Download free.

Free reprint: “Food formats for effective delivery of probiotics” published in Ann. Rev. Food Sci. Technol. Download free.

Free reprint: "Probiotics: their potential to impact human health". Comprehensive white paper co-authored by Sanders, Gibson, Guarner, Gill. 2007. Download free.

Webcast presentations: