Speaking Engagements

An accomplished communicator on probiotics, with numerous written, oral and video pieces, Dr. Sanders lends her expertise to both the scientific community and the food and supplement industry.

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See Dr. Sanders in the documentary, "Microwarriors: Special Edition", narrated by Leonard Nimoy.


Product Support

Dr. Sanders does not currently oversee a research laboratory, but rather provides objective, evidence-based information on probiotics for consumers and professionals using existing scientific studies.

Her past research efforts focused on strain development of lactic acid bacteria with a primary emphasis on genetic improvement of starter cultures as a scientist and group leader in the Biotechnology Group of Miles Laboratories (1983-1989) and in vitro characterization and identification of probiotic lactobacilli and bifidobacteria for commercial applications, evaluation of the effect of probiotics on fecal micro-ecology and tracking specific probiotics through the gastrointestinal tract at the Dairy Products Technology Center at California Polytechnic State University


Dr. Sanders provides scientific support for enhancing existing probiotic product lines, and perspective on paths to scientific substantiation of probiotic product label claims.



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